Thursday, September 4, 2008

More of the same and Obama fact-checking

Palin slashed funding for pregnant teens, from the Washington Post.

Palin is no Hillary Clinton, from the LA Times.

Calculate your Obama tax cut, from Alchemy Today with numbers by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

The Bush-McCain Challenge: Can you tell the difference? - from

Fact Check: The truth behind Obama's present votes, 139 out of 4,000, from the Boston Globe.

The AP fact-checks the RNC speeches and finds many of them wanting.

McCain and Obama to appear together at Columbia University on 9/11, from the Gothamist.

Palin's speech was great for both bases.

Here's a great quote from it:
Palin swung for the fences, mocking the very notion of community organizing. So did Giuliani. This was the day after “Service” was the theme, and Republicans fell all over themselves praising their party’s commitment to give back to the community. Jarring.

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